Video: Israeli security minister Ben Gvir gives speech behind podium calling for Gaza colonisation

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Published by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 17/05/2024 - 8:51am in

Right-wing extremist isn’t reticent about Israel’s ambitions for land where it’s committing genocide

Right-wing extremist and racial supremacist Itamar Ben-Gvir, Israel’s National Security Minister, is one of the worst of an odious bunch in Israel’s genocidal government – and he isn’t shy about Israel’s real ambitions for Gaza, where its military is engaged in genocide and an endless list of other war crimes.

And this week, he gave a speech, to thousands of far-right settlers, behind a podium declaring, “Colonization in Gaza will bring security. Returning home!” The speech was no better than the slogan – and clear evidence of Israel’s continuing genocidal intent:

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has said today that it will take the court until the end of 2025 to complete its investigation into war crimes in Gaza. The case is clear-cut and the decision to issue arrest warrants for the racist extremists running Israel’s government and carrying out the mass murder of Palestinian civilians cannot come soon enough.

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